Parsha Korach

Parsha Korach

In this week's parsha we come to the rebellion of Korach and his congregation. Reading the verses we find that he contested the Cohen Gadol appointment being given to Moshe's brother Aharon. Chazal teach that what really bothered him, however, was that the leadership of the Levites was given to Elitzafan. Korach felt injustuce being done because Elitzafan's father Uziel was younger than Korach's father Yitzhar.

The question then arises why didn't Korach make a stink about what actually bothered him? He reasoned that if he went after becoming the leader of the Levites he wouldn't gain any support. He figured everyone would think he was acting out of jealousy. Instead, he made a fuss about an issue that didn't just affect himself, to which he found loads of supporters.

If Korach realized that his argument appeared to be coming from jealousy why didn't he think to himself that maybe it indeed wasn't proper behavior?

We must conclude that he was so engrossed in jealousy that he no longer could think straight. He couldn't make that logical step that if others would think he was acting out of jealousy maybe he really was.

With jealousy and other negative character traits we have to be sure to nip them in the bud when we still can think objectively, before we get caught up and incapable of straight thought process.

Rabbi Beryl Glaser

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