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Parsha Behaalotecha

In this week's parsha the Almighty directs Moshe to appoint 70 Elders to help govern the People. Moshe had a dilemma; 70 isn't evenly divided by 12 Tribes. Moshe came up with the solution to have each Tribe appoint 6 Elders and Moshe would put 72 ballots into the box, 70 ballots having the word Elder on them and 2 blank. All the candidates were to congregate at the Tent of Meeting by Moshe to draw their ballot.

Two out of the 72 candidates were named Eldad and Meidad. In their humility they figured since there were two too many candidates, they might as well be the ones who were left out because they weren't worthy of such honor. That way the problem was solved. Well, exactly because of that humility the Almighty wanted them and they even became greater than the other Elders. Everyone else received their prophecy through the conduit of Moshe and therefore had to come to the Tent. Eldad and Meidad prophesized directly from the Almighty in the camp.

An aspect of humility is to realize that one isn't worthy of receiving any especial honor. That internalization is a great accomplishment.

Rabbi Beryl Glaser

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PARSHAS BEHA'ALOSCHA: "Don't Complain -- We Have So Much To Be Thankful For"

by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz