In this week's parsha we find the laws pertaining to a Metzora, someone who is inflicted with leprosy. The Gemora Nedarim 64b states that four people are considered like they are dead, a lepor, a blind person, a poor person and someone who doesn't have children.

What is the common thread between these four difficult situations?

Perhaps we could answer that these four types of people are all disconnected from others in some essential way. A lepor of the Torah is easy to see. The Torah rules that he must stay by himself away from others. A childless person doesn't have that wonderful connection with a child. A blind man is missing the great sense of sight with which to connect to others. A poor man is so busy just getting by that he can't reach out to others.

An essential quality of life is going through it and interacting with others. When that is missing in some qualitative way it can truly be said that it isn't life how life was meant to be.

With the Corona epidemic we all are feeling what it means to be isolated from others. Perhaps we should use this situation to appreciate having other people with us in the world to do life together and think about how to have more positive relationships.

Rabbi Beryl Glaser

Parshas Tazria and Metzora on Youtube

Parshas Tazria and Metzora - Being pleasant and sweet is critical!

By Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger