Parshas Teruma by Rabbi Beryl Glaser

In this week's parsha the Jewish People donate from their wealth to build the Mishkan. The verse states:

And this is the donation that you shall take from them, gold, silver and copper." (Shmos 25:3)

The Daas Zekainim Tosafos explains that these three commodities represent three types of givers. Gold represents those who give when they are healthy. Silver corresponds to those who give when they are sick. Copper represents those who give their charity after death. The highest level is to give from the understanding that part of the wealth that the Almighty grants to a person is meant to be given to tzedaka. The next level is for those who need a push to give such as when they fall into misfortune. Finally some people can't part with their money except when it won't do them any good any more.

It's not just how much we give, but also our reasons and attitude in the giving.

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