Parsha Bo

In this week's parsha the Almighty commands the Jewish People to do Karban Pesach. They are told to slaughter a lamb and put the blood on their doorposts. Then when the Almighty kills the first born of the Egyptians He will see the blood on the doorposts and spare the Jewish homes. 

Rashi citing Chazal asks why there needs to be blood for the Almighty to see and pass over the home. The Almighty sees and knows exactly which home is Jewish and which is Egyptian without the need of any sign. Rather, the meaning is that the Almighty will see that the Jewish People are obeying His commandment and on that merit they will be spared.

If so, the question arises why was this particular activity of putting the blood on the doorposts used for a merit? The Almighty could have told them to do anything to see that they do the commandment?

The answer is we gained from this activity the awareness that the Almighty sees us. We all know intellectually that the Almighty sees everything, but we have to work at getting a sensual awareness of the presence and all knowing of the Almighty. That we gained also from putting the blood on the doorposts besides the general merit of being obedient.

This I understood from general principles found in the writings of Rabbi Avigdor Miller.

Rabbi Beryl Glaser

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