Parshas Vayeishev: Hashem Will Be With You, As Much As You Let Him In

by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz  

Yosef HaTzaddik goes from being treasured by his great father, Yaakov, the most beloved of his children with whom he shared all of his wisdom and Torah; surrounded by love, warmth and the holiness of house of study and the Land of Israel, and then suddenly, after his dreams, he becomes despised and hated by his beloved brothers, who plan on killing him, eventually changing their minds to throw him in to a deep pit filled with snakes and scorpions instead.  After that ordeal, they pull him out of there and send him in a caravan of Ishmaelites who deposit him in the lowliest of all countries, Egypt.  And it is there that Yosef, the spiritual giant, was sold as a slave.  Who could imagine how alone Yosef felt?  The pain, the unrelenting frustration over the turn of events, and the sadness he should have been engulfed in over the reality of the situation.

And yet the Torah tells us that at precisely that moment, Hashem was with Yosef.  Where did Yosef see Hashem in all of this?!  On the other hand, he appears to be all alone.  Rashi comments:  Hashem's name was constantly on Yosef's lips.  Yosef was the one who brought Hashem into his life!  In the darkest hours of existence, Yosef never stopped talking about Hashem.  He realized that he is never alone because Hashem is always there - if only you let him in.

As the Kotzker Rebbe was famously asked, "Where is G-d?"  His answer, based on simple faith should have been, "Everywhere!"  Yet, quite profoundly, the Kotzker answered, "Wherever you let him in."  May we merit, through our words, actions and emunahy, to let Hashem into our lives.       

Rabbi Dovid Horowitz       

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Hashem Will Be With You, As Much As You Let Him In