Parsha Vayeira - A Refreshing look... Insights Into The Weekly Parsha

By Rabbi Dovid Horowitz.

Avraham Avinu taught the Jewish People many positive traits.  Perhaps paramount to everything was his constant fulfillment of acts of chesed/kindness.  There was no chesed too big or too small that could not be done by Avraham.  Nothing was beneath his dignity.  He looked at every opportunity as a fit from Hashem to be His emissary of kindness in this world.  As the very in the prophet Michah states, he was someone who loved chesed. 

He [Avraham] lifted his eyes... and saw and ran toward them.  

It is three days after his Bris Milah, the most painful day of recovery, but instead of being in bed and resting, Avraham is sitting outside of his tent looking for something.  Hashem has made it scorching hot, hoping that Avraham would choose to stay inside, but to no avail. Greater than the physical pain of his circumcision was the spiritual and emotional pain that he was experiencing by not being able to perform acts of chesed for others.  So he pulled himself out of bed and decided to look for people traveling on the road, in order to offer food, drink and lodging to.  The moment he was them, he immediately ran towards them.  

Rav Shlomo Brevda z''l asks a beautiful question: it says "he saw and ran towards them ".  How come the Torah doesn't mention that he got up off his chair first and then ran to greet them?  The answer is, that Avraham loved doing acts of chesed so much, that the moment he had the opportunity in front of him, there was no delay - he literally started running immediately!  May we merit to follow in his footsteps, developing our love of chesed, and running to these opportunities in front of us always.  

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PARSHAS VAYEIRA: "Running To Do Chesed (kindness)" by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz