Torah in Five Books

The word Torah literally means "instruction"—meaning some sort of guidance in life.  But when Jews say "Torah," they’re most likely referring to the Five Books of Moses, the foundation of all Jewish instruction and guidance. We also call it the Chumash, from the Hebrew chamesh, which means five.  Often, when people talk about "a Torah," they are referring to a parchment scroll version of the Five Books of Moses that is kept in the ark of the synagogue and taken out to be read during services.






Bereishit Shmot Vayikra Bamidbar Devarim
Noach Va'eira Tzav Naso V'etchanan
Lech Lecha Bo Shmini Be'halot'cha Ekev
Vayeira Beshalach Tazria Shlach Re'eh
Chayei Sarah Yitro Metzora Korach Shoftim
Toldot Mishpatim Acharei Mot Chukat Ki Tetzei
Vayetzei Trumah Kedoshim Balak Ki Tavo
Vayishlach Tetzaveh Emor Pinchas Nitzavim
Vayeshev Ki Tisa Behar Matot Vayelech
Mikeitz Vayakhel Bechukotai Masay Ha'azinu
Vayigash Pekudei V'Zot HaBracha

Links to Torah Parsha's lectures broken down by five books of Moses (Chumash)

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