THE PATH OF THE JUST - Mesillas Yesharim

given by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz

Mesillat Yesharim or Mesillas Yeshorim (Hebrew: מסילת ישרים, lit. "Path of the Just") is an ethical (mussar) text composed by the influential Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (1707–1746). It is very different from Rabbi's Luzzato other writings, which are more philosophical.

Mesillas Yesharim is probably Luzzato's most influential work, widely learned in virtually every yeshiva in the world since formal study of musar texts was introduced to the yeshiva curriculum by the Mussar Movement of Rabbi Yisroel Salanter.

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018. The Path of the Just, Chapter 1
Why Are We Here?

019. Building With Deep Foundations, Planting With Strong Roots

020. Your Obligations In YOUR World With Hashem

021. Life Was Made for Pleasure

022. Working Towards the Pleasure In The World to Come

023. Creating Your World to Come Through Your Efforts In This World

024. You Can Dwell In The House of Hashem Wherever You Are

025. The Battle of Life: Body vs. Soul

026. The Ongoing Battle

027. The Balance of the World Depends Upon Us

028. When The Sacred Light Rejoices

029. The Entire World Was Created Just For YOU!

030. This World Is To Accomplish... The World To Come Is To Reap The Rewards

031. We Could Not Have Been Created for This World

032. A Jew Is Greater Than The Angels

033. Your Neshama Is A Princess -- Take Care of It Properly

034. This World Could Be A Haven For The Neshama... If You Use It Properly.

035. Now That You Understand Why You're Here -- Let's Get to Work!

036. We're In This World To: Perform Mitzvos, Serve Hashem & Overcome Challenges

037. Hashem Is The Biggest Magnet In The World.

038. Grab On To The Good... Run Away From The Bad Like Running Away From Fire.

039. Ascending The Spiritual Ladder.