Pele Yoetz lessons by Daniel Hershko Ha'Levi שליט׳א

Part 1

Pele Yoetz is a book of Jewish Musar literature (Ethics) first published in Constantinople in 1824 by Rabbi Eliezer Papo.

This book of Musar encompasses all aspects and phases of day-to-day Jewish living, the ritual as well as the ethical, the mundane as well as the sublime. Moreover, the Pele Yoetz, true to its title, is a wonderful advisor on all situations of human interrelationships such as between parent and child, husband and wife, employer and employee. Yet the Pele Yoetz is not a mere "how-to" book of simplistic advice. Its teachings are grounded in the vast field of Torah in all its ramifications: Talmud and Medrash, Halakhah and Aggadah, Kabbalah and Hassidic lore (yes, he quotes the Ba'al Shem Tov!) serve as the authors sources. Above all, Rabbi Papo is revealed here as a man of penetrating insight into human nature with all its weaknesses and faults, its virtues and potential for greatness.


# 01. "Literary Character Trait" - אבירות לב.

# 02. "Honor character trait" כבוד.

# 03. "Eretz Israel" ארץ ישראל

# 04. "Effort" השתדלות
# 05. "Guidance and Leadership" הנהגה

# 06. Honor Learning on Oshana Rabah night הנהגה

# 07. Awakening = התעוררות

# 08. Awakening = התעוררות - Part 2.