Pirkei Avos (Ethics of the fathers) series

by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz

Brining Meaning, Understanding and Purpose to our lives through the timeless wisdom of our Sages.

Pirkei Avos / Ethics of the Fathers contains timeless wisdom. It is a collection of ethics, honesty, and advice. But at its very beginning it tells us that even this part of Jewish life came from Sinai. All of that is part of Judaism.

Pirkei Avos classes on Youtube

1. We Are So Beloved By Hashem by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz

2. Wisdom, Strength, Happiness & Honor Will Bring You To Personal Greatness

3. The Power of Torah, The Power of Rabbi Akiva & Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and The Great Reward

4. 3 Beautiful Ways To Aquire The Torah In Our Lives

5. Finding YOUR Portion In Torah

6. The Power of One Person

7. All In A Day's Work

8. Repairing The Downfall of America

9. The Key To Avoiding Machlokes -- Staying Above The Nature of This World

10. It's All A Gift From Hashem

11. The Good Life

12. The Sound of Silence, The Power of Actions

13. Wipe Away The Sinas Chinam

14. Find the Good In Others... And Hashem Will See The Good In You.

15. Use Your Imagination to Make Hashem Real.

16. Rosh Hashana: Holding Up The Pillars of The World.