The mitzvah of Emunah Series

by Rabbi Nachi Klein שליט׳א.

We’re used to thinking of faith as a strategy for people who can’t think for themselves. "The fool believes everything," Solomon writes, "the wise man understands." Emunah, however, is an innate conviction, a perception of truth that transcends, rather than evades, reason. Quite the contrary, wisdom, understanding and knowledge can further enhance true emunah.
Nevertheless, emunah is not based on reason. Reason can never attain the certainty of emunah, since, reasonably speaking, a greater reasoning might always come along and prove your reasons wrong. In this way, emunah is similar to seeing first hand: Reason can help you better understand what you see, but it will have a hard time convincing you that you never saw it. So too, emunah endures even when reason can't catch up.

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1. Are we required to believe that Hashem runs everything in the world?

2. Making belief practical with bitachon

3. Why do we need Emunah?

4. Do you rely on Hashem when you're filling up your gas tank? How about when you're shopping in a market?

5. Is thinking that something negative can occur a lack of faith in G-D?

6. Miracles happen when you see it as nature.

7. When bad things happen