Chovos HaLeVovos (Duties of the heart)

by Rabbi Avrohom Stulberger

Part 1.

Chovos HaLeVovos (Duties of the heart) - Composed in Middle-Age Spain (1040 CE). Written by Bachya ibn Pekuda, Duties of the Heart discusses topics such as the unity of God, devotion to God and repentance. The book is divided into ten "gates" or treatises.



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The Trust in Hashem (God)

Foolishness of one who demands a collateral from ...

The power of Yatzer Hara

The attack of the Yatzer Hara

Defeating the Yatzer Hara 

Perfecting action - Talking back to Yatzer Hara 

Countering arguments of Yetzer Hara 

Answering back Yetzer Hara 

Outsmarting Yetzer Hara

Purity of action - resisting Yetzer Hara

Gate of humility p.1

Gate of humility p.2

Gate of humility p.3

Gate of humility p.4

Gate of humility p.5

Gate of humility p.6

Gate of humility p.7