Shema Israel Series.

The Shema prayer is the centerpiece of the daily morning and evening services and is considered by some the most essential prayer in Judaism. An affirmation of God’s singularity and kingship, its daily recitation is regarded by Jews people as a biblical commandment.

Below please find the series of lectures by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz, giving deep and beautiful insides of the daily Shema prayer.

Shema Israel Series classes on Youtube

Lesson #1 - Recognizing Hashem.
Lesson #2 - A Life Time Acceptance.
Lesson #3 - Shema of Yaakov and his son.
Lesson #4 - The Eternal Glory of His Name.
Lesson #5 - With all of Your Heart.
Lesson #6 - With all of Your Soul.
Lesson #7 - With all of Your Resources.
Lesson #8 - Everyday is New.
Lesson #9 - For the Love of Mitzvoz.
Lesson #10 - The Blessings in This World.
Lesson #11 - Don't Turn Away.
Lesson #12 - True Judaism.
Lesson #13 - Growing In Exile.
Lesson #14 - Royal Garments.
Lesson #15 - Tzitizis No Need to Stray.
Lesson #16 - The Final Charge I am Hashem.