Birkas HaMazon (grace after meals)

by Rabbi Nachi Klein

Grace After Meals consists of four primary blessings — the first composed by Moses when the manna came down from heaven in the desert, the second by Joshua when the Children of Israel ate from the first harvest after entering the Holy Land, and the third by Kings David and Solomon, and the fourth by the Sages in mishnaic times. The full "Grace", known as Birkat Hamazon, is recited only after partaking of a meal that includes bread. Shorter versions (Al Hamichyah or Borei Nefashot) are recited after other foods.

Birkas HaMazon - is a special blessing is said after concluding a meal in which a k'zayit (approximately one ounce) of bread was eaten. It contains several paragraphs originally instituted by some of our great sages thanking G‑d for giving us food. No other after-blessing need be said. Reciting the Bircat Hamazon is known as bentching, from the Yiddish word bentch, to bless.

01. Birkas HaMazon (grace after meals) - Ultimate Gratitude, part 1.

02. Birkas HaMazon - Taking a few minutes to be thankful for everything you have, part 2.