Short classes on prayers (Tfela)

by Rabbi Nachi Klein

On a very basic level, prayer expresses our belief in G‑d. Our recognition that we are dependent on His beneficence, and that, as the one who controls all, it is within His ability to extricate us from our hardship. And as such, in a time of need—no matter how trivial the need may seem—we turn to the one whom we know can help. 

The Torah refers to prayer as "the service of the heart," an act suffused with love and reverence. Prayer is about a child approaching his loving parent. In fact, the Maimonides writes that "prayer without concentration is akin to a lifeless body."

01. And then there were nine - repetition of Shemonah Esrei without a minyan.

02. Things to do before morning prayers: greeting people, eating, drinking, etc..

03. Washing hands before each prayer.

04. Praying in front of uncovered - scantily clad people.

05. Praying with a minyan whenever or wherever.