Restoring the Soul (Meishiv Nefesh) Series

By Rabbi Dovid Horowitz

Part 7 - A New Approach to Dealing With Challenges & Suffering

103. A New Approach to Dealing With Challenges & Suffering

104. An Elevating Part of Our Lives...

105. The Obstacles in Life Are a Good Sign

106. Challenges Are the Secret to Your Success

107. The Suffering & Challenges of Life Are Your Key To The World To Come - Keep This In Mind

108. A Story With The Vilna Gaon & His Healthy Approach To Suffering In This World

109. Difficulties & Suffering Bring Us Closer to Hashem

110. This IS the Best World and Life

111. Difficulties Are A Chesed From Hashem

112. Say 'Mazel Tov' When Something Breaks

113. Suffering Is Actually A Gift

114. In The Next World, You'll See That Everything Is Chesed

115. The Harder You Work, The More Powerful Your Mitzvos Are

116. Loving the Afflictions from Hashem

117. Accepting the Challenges

118. Getting Closer to Hashem on Purim

119. The Heart Monitor of Life

120. From the Darkness Comes the Light