Restoring the Soul (Meishiv Nefesh) Series

By Rabbi Dovid Horowitz

Part 2

018. We Are as Bright as The Stars

019. Modern Day Idol Worship: Not Believing in Yourself

020. Appreciate Yourself

021. See Your Inner Greatness and You Will Be Honorable

022. A Double Woe to The One Who Doesn't Recognize Their Strengths

023. Don't Cheapen Your G-dliness

024. Understanding True Humility, While Recognizing Your True Greatness

025. Being Humble Means Recognizing All of Your Accomplishments are From Hashem

026. There Never Was or Never Will Be Anyone Like YOU!

027. Hashem Is Happy With You!

028. Identifying Your Individuality and Uniqueness

029. Self-Revelation

030. Know Thyself

031. Something New for Our Generation

032. You Are Hashem's Beloved Child

033. Even the Little Things are BIG in the Eyes of Hashem

034. To Build, Not to Destroy

035. Become Yourself, Don't Try to Be Someone Else