Restoring the Soul (Meishiv Nefesh) Series

By Rabbi Dovid Horowitz

Part 3

036. Heavenly Portraits

037. Love Yourself

038. When You Appreciate Yourself, You'll Be Able to Honor Other People Properly

039. You Can Only Rebuke Someone Who Feels Your Love for Them

040. A Reason to Live... Based on a True Story

041. The Song of Mankind

042. Freeing Your Soul

043. NEW CHAPTER -- SIMCHA: HAPPINESS "Introduction - The Goal of Yiddishkeit is To Be Happy!

044. Connecting to Hashem Is the Secret to Happiness

045. Mitzvos Bring Simcha

046. Mitzvos Are Not a Burden, They're A Gift from Above

047. The Secret to The Arizal's Greatness: Performing Mitzvos With Simcha!

048. Perform His Will With Simcha, And He Will Perform Your Will With Simcha

049. Connect to The Mitzvos, Connect to Hashem, Connected to the Emes

050. The True Pleasures of Life

051. Connecting to True Pleasure in THIS World

052. Happiness Attracts People

053. A Life Filled With Merits - The Greatest Simcha

054. Transmitting the Sweetness of Torah