Kitzur Shulchan Aruch Series

by Rabbi Dovid Horowitz שליט׳א

Part 65 - The Laws of Shabbat:

THE 39 MELACHOS (Prohibited Activities, continuation...)

Since 1864, Rabbi Shlomo Ganzfried's Kitzur Shulchan Aruch has been one of the world's most widely used Halachic guides for daily Jewish living. No work of Halachah has been reprinted so many times in so many countries. The Kitzur Shulchan Aruch is the definitive text for studying all of the basic Jewish laws that have been in regular practice for centuries.

From the second night of Passover until the day before the holiday of Shavuot, the Jewish people engage in an unique mitzvah called Sefirat HaOmer (counting of the Omer). The Torah commands us that during this time each year we count seven complete weeks, for a total of 49 days. At the end of the seven-week period we celebrate Shavuot, which means "weeks."

The Laws of Shabbat - Prohibited activities classes on Youtube

731. When Muktzeh and Non Muktzeh Items Are on The Same Base.

732. Money In Your Pocket & Muktzeh In a Drawer.

733. Leaving A Muktzeh Item on a Base On Shabbos, Unintentionally or On Someone Else's Object.


"Honoring Shabbos Through Your Actions"

735. Not Pursuing Your Personal Needs on Shabbos

736. A Long Walk On Shabbos When Planning For After Shabbos

737. Honoring Shabbos With Your Speech

738. For Mitzvos and Communal Affairs

739. Finish All of Your Work (In Your Mind) Before Shabbos

740. Hiring and Paying a Jew for Shabbos, Giving Gifts

741. Handling Letters & Mail

742. Reading Books, Magazines, etc...

743. Measuring and Being Saved From Financial Loss

744. The Laws of Amirah l'Akum -- The Prohibition of Telling Non Jews To Do Work For You

745. Deriving Indirect Benefit From The Actions of a Non Jew

746. When Great Financial Loss is Involved

747. Having a Non Jew Turn on the Heater

748. When The Non Jew Works For Himself To The Benefit of The Jew

Kitzur Shulchan Aruch - Table of Contents

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Part 31 - The Laws of Brachos upon fruits, vegetables & other non-grain items Part 32 - The Laws of Brachos on Fruit Juices and Broths
Part 33 - The Laws of Brachos upon The Primary and Secondary Food Part 34 - The Laws of the Order of Brachos upon Fruits and Vegetables
Part 35 - What if You made the wrong Bracha? Part 36 - The Laws of making a bracha on one food and changing your mind to eat more.
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Part 43 - The Laws of Passover (Pesach) Part 44 - The Laws of counting Omer (Sefiras Ha'Omer)
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