Med Notes

  1. Family gives a blood glucose reading of 67 is it high or low. It’s low.
  2. Function of insulin is? Take Glucose from blood to cell.
  3. Alcoholic patient on the way to hospital in ambulance, deteriorates => Check blood glucose.
  4. Epipen...? give in the thigh muscle and hold for 10 seconds.
  5. Epinephrine causes? Vasoconstriction
  6. Hyperglycemia means? Too much sugar in the blood
  7. Patient in the dormitory has a fever and other symptoms. Roommate also had these a few days before. What do you suspect? Influenza
  8. Someone with stiff neck - (meningitis). What to do first? Put on (n95) HEPA mask and gloves
  9. Patient is in the heat, what to do first? Take patient out of the heat
  10. Patient in seizure and jerking. What stage are they in chronic seizure
  11. Family tells you that right before you came in, there were signs of stroke (slurred speech) => TIA (Transient Ischemic attack)
  12. TIA Transient ischemic attack means? that symptoms resolve within 24 hours.
  13. Assess someone with a stroke, what do you do? "Cincinnati pre stroke test"
      • When was the last time patient was seen normal
      • Facial droop - ask to smile and show teeth
      • Arm dropping - palms up and eyes closed for 10 second
      • When assessing slurred speech, ask them to repeat common phrases.
  14.   Lye (a powder) on themselves => Brush it off
  15. Appendix => RLQ
  16. Lady with sudden stomach pain RLQ and fever - appendicitis
  17. Allergic reaction with epipen…? Help assist them with their epipen.
  18.  Tasting a metallic taste in their mouth => Pre-seizure
  19. What is the general name for bacteria and viruses => Pathogens
  20. Upper GI bleeding - if the stool is dark, or dark blood in the stool.
  21. Sign of lower GI bleeding is bright red rectal.
  22. Someone tells you that they have Anemia (low red blood cells) => Pallor - pale
  23. Sign of low blood sugar? Cold and clammy skin.
  24. Who can you not give glucose to? Someone who is unconscious.
  25. Someone who was in heat and unconscious => Take him out of the heat and then treat.
  26. Lady had diarrhea for 10 hours. Correct vital signs => Low BP (90ish) Pulse is High (since trying to compensate)
  27. AV Shunt (dialysis patient) - bleeding => Arterial bleeding - and can be dangerous.
  28. Pinpoint pupils - caused by narcotics
  29. Gardening and something bit him. There was immediate sharp pain… => Black widow
  30. Guy locked himself in the bathroom. => Get law enforcement involved
  31. Alzheimers, House is a mess. Caregivers are abusive. => Report your findings to law enforcement. State facts.
  32. The Caretaker was not allowing to talk to the patient (was interrupting etc.) => Interview the patient in the ambulance.
  33. Lady walks a lot. After short walk, she sees a rash on her body, can’t catch her breath and is wheezing => Anaphylaxis
  34. Patient in front of you, having a seizure =>Prevent further injury
  35. Pay attention to PENMAN - order of operations. Your Safety first
  36. Patient is in extremely cold weather. Pulse => Check pulse for at least 30 seconds since
  37. Patient is unconscious and you can’t assess the pulse => CPR right away
  38. Patient had fever and was wheezing. Started a few days ago => Pneumonia
  39. Patient with headache. Best position of transport => Semi-fowlers
  40. Patient is diabetic - ketoacidosis. What stage are they in => Pulmonary acidosis
  41. Patient took Synthroid  (medicine for thyroid glands) and overdosed (empty bottle next to them) => call the poison control center.
  42. Mountain hiking, they became short of breath => Low oxygen
  43. Janitor in the bathroom, all of a sudden doesn't feel well and couldn't breathe properly => Take to a more ventilated area.
  44. Describe syncope => I blacked out for a few seconds
  45. Few questions. You may think to give charcoal, but it’s mostly incorrect. Either they were not conscious or to give 3 doses of charcoal.
  46. Question about person behaving in a strange way and saying random things => Acute Schizophrenia
  47. Lady => i have the worst headache of my life and vomiting => Migraine or stroke
  48. Bee sting => Add a cold compress
  49. Patient is unresponsive - what to do
    1. Take medical history
    2. Medical exam
    3. Check medication
    4. Check skin signs.
  50. Sensitive to light => Migraine