Lessons for a Jewish Life: NETIVEI OHR -

from the teaching of the Gaon and Tzadik

Rabbi Nissim Yagen 

“I turn to those Jews who are still in doubt, who are still distant, who are still embarrassed and afraid. I turn to them all, from the depth of my heart, and plead that they should hear me well…”
Thus did the Great and Tzaddik Rav Nissim Yagen cry out with such great emotion, throughout the years. Even in his last days, he dedicated himself totally, heart and soul, and lectured unceasingly, in order to awaken the Jewish People and bring them closer to their Father in heaven. Rav Yagen left behind almost 1000 tapes of his wonderful lectures, spanning the whole range of Torah topics. For many, these lectures were like “a ladder standing on the ground, while its top reached the heavens.” Using examples taken from daily life, and true stories about real people, he succeeded in making the words of our Sages – from the Talmud, Midrash and Zohar – come to life. Countless people, layman and scholar alike, have been enthralled and moved to tears by these inspiring talks which brought them closer to the Creator. A staff of scholars led by the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Meir Yagen collected many of the choicest gems, from these tapes to create this book: Lesson for a Jewish Life -Netivei Ohr .Its inspiring lessons span the range of Torah topics; they deal with perfection of character, philosophy of life, and fear of heaven.
One who studies this book will find deep insight, and tested and proven advice, regarding all aspects of life. We pray that the Torah teachings of our teacher serve to master and guide us in all our endeavors. May the memory of the righteous and holy be for Blessings, Amen.

Rabbi Nissim Yagen class on Youtube.

There is a people that keeps itself apart by Rabbi Nissim Yagen Zt''l